my name is janina, i work and live in berlin.
i photograph FRANCISMURPHY.DE and design stuff.
i currently started to appreciate the weirdness in my being.
this is my tumblr: http://runawayfromhome.tumblr.com/

to run away from home is one of the few actions that really implies a ‘getting somewhere’. neither direction, distance nor speed provides it with quality, because as well as the term ‘home’ also running away from that very place is an abstract idea. a home, that is not a tangible structure. it is much more a specified setting, a certain state of intimate correlations between a variety of entities.
now, moving away from this idea – on any scale – actually means to grow.


runawayfromhome.org expects you to do whatever the fuck is needed to be done, to get the fuck as far away as you possibly can.